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Business Summits 2024: The New Human Journey

In a constantly changing world, where each action shapes our future, Bucharest Tech Week elevates the interaction between humans and technology to the next level, serving as the convergence point for tech leaders, professionals and new tech discoveries. 

Last year’s edition was based on shifting the way we think and the way we live our lives, the symbiosis between the way we used to be and the way we are now. In 2024, on June 10-14 we are focusing on The New Human Journey. Whether you're an entrepreneur, developer, innovator, or simply passionate about technology, Bucharest Tech Week is where your passion meets inspiration. It's a place where we invite you to explore, learn, and connect with others like you. 

'The New Human Journey' promises to unveil innovative perspectives and pragmatic solutions for integrating AI into everyday life. Whether it's about enhancing efficiency in the workplace, optimizing daily life, or opening new business solutions, we successfully navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape, heralding the start of a renewed human journey. 

5 Business Summits: new perspectives for the business environment

🟣 Innovation Summit on June 10 is the place where all these exciting ideas come into play. It's the place where international experts such as our Star Speaker, Co-Founder of Shazam, Dhiraj Mukherjee, gather to share their knowledge about sustainable technology, the best ways to adapt to the future, and how Romanian businesses are navigating through an ever-changing market. At the end of the day, you can participate in an exclusive Masterclass about strategic product innovation with Amber Clifford, Former Disney+, Uber Eats & Uber, Principal at Murai Consulting. 

🟣 The Future Summit: AI on June 11, our brand-new Summit, bringing together international experts to share their insights, tips, and tricks on AI's impact on business applications. From generative AI to its critical role in data analysis and the ethical side of it, the summit offers a comprehensive exploration of its current and future landscape. Moreover, the day culminates with an exclusive Masterclass with Eve Psalti, Senior Director Azure AI at Microsoft.

🟣 HR Masters Summit on June 12 brings together HR experts and business leaders to share insights, trends, and strategies essential for navigating the evolving landscape of human resources in 2024. Explore the transformative power of human-centric leadership, the use of AI in HR, workplace digitization, and data-driven equity, alongside strategies in learning, benefits, and career development. Moreover, we've prepared for you an insightful and exclusive Masterclass on intrapreneurship with Michelle Raymond, Executive Leadership Coach and Trainer at The People's Partner.

🟣 Software Architecture Summit on June 13 features international speakers presenting practical sessions on test-based development, strategies to minimize the impact of flaky tests, and the significant RAG technique in the field of artificial intelligence. 

🟣 Java Stars Summit on June 14, our Special Edition, will bring to Bucharest some of the most renowned Java Champions and international Java Experts for a series of live-coding sessions and demos following the latest in Java, such as “The Hidden Gems of Java 22”.

Embark on 'The New Human Journey' at Bucharest Tech Week by joining us at your favorite Business Summit, where you can engage in high-quality networking with leading professionals and explore groundbreaking innovations at our expo area. 

Let’s meet very soon – on June 10-14.  

Get your ticket now 👉 



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