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Software Architecture Summit - Powered by Luxoft

Beyond good architecture…lies a talented mind. The language of the future holds a capital paradigm: program or be programmed. There is a continuous race between programming languages, solutions, and tools to make Software Engineers' lives better. Dive deep into the battle between Tensor Flow and PyTorch, learn about the importance of public Cloud service and become accustomed to the latest Cybersecurity tech trends.

When and Where?

📅 At Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest, but also on MyConnector, on June 17.

The big official summit opening is going to be on June 14, in the company of Stefania Fulgu, Delivery Manager, Luxoft and Bogdan Vizureanu, Co-founder, Code4Romania, which will be our Moderator as well.

With such an amazing opening ceremony, we will just say - Welcome to Software Architecture Summit at Buchatest Tech Week 2022!

What do we have for you this year?

🟠 09:45 – 10:30 Ismaël Mejía, Senior Cloud Advocate Microsoft

Data Architectures that stand the test of time

In this talk, Ismaël Mejía will discuss the current data landscape and suggest good practices to take into account when you extend your existing software architecture with new data tools. We will discuss key ideas around strategy, technology and people to consider to make not only your architecture but your organization data first.

🟠 10:30 – 11:15 David Pilato, Developer | Evangelist Elastic

Indexing your office documents with Elastic stack and FSCrawler

You have plenty of Open Office, Microsoft Office, PDF, images... documents and you may want to be able to search for their metadata and content. How can you do that? In this talk, David will explain how Apache Tika can be used for that and how to combine this fantastic library with Elastic Stack.

🟠 11:45 – 12:15 Cătălin Tudose, Java and Web Technologies Expert at Luxoft

Implementing the Architecture of a Test Pyramid Strategy

🟠12:15 – 13:00 Ricardo Sueiras, Principal Advocate AWS

Orchestrating hybrid workflows with Apache Airflow

According to analysts, 87 percent of enterprises have already adopted hybrid cloud strategies ( Customers have many reasons why they need to support hybrid environments, from maximising the value from heritage systems, to meeting local compliance and data processing regulations. As they build their data pipelines, they increasingly need to be able to orchestrate those across on-premises and cloud environments. In this session, I will share how you typical use cases for hybrid workflows, a look at the options and trade offs with different approaches, and walk you through building a hybrid workflow using Apache Airflow to orchestrate a workflow using data sources inside and outside the cloud.

🟠 14:00 – 14:45 Wojtek Gawroński, Senior Developer Advocate (CEE) AWS

Lines and Boxes: Integration is the key to Modern Cloud Applications

Modern Applications deployed in the cloud are based on serverless or microservices architectures and they are typically fine-grained, distributed, and interconnected. It's perfectly normal to represent those systems in a form of a diagram consisting - more or less - lines and boxes. Lines (connections between boxes that represent components) impose important functional and non-functional characteristics of the systems - like scalability, availability, and coupling. In this session, you will learn how serverless and application integration tools available in the AWS cloud make those connections explicit, automatable, and manageable. In other words: you will learn why lines (integrations) are as just important as boxes (components).

🟠15:45 – 16:30 Steve Upton, Lead QA Consultant Thoughtworks

Software architecture principles from embedded to cloud with a glimpse on AI

When things go wrong we try to do better. Incident Analysis, Root Cause Analysis and Post Mortems are an important part of continuous improvement and many of our workflows. We're going to look at what we do when things go wrong and the really easy things we can do to make things worse.

🟠 15:45 – 16:15 Andrei Uhr, Client Solutions Business Unit Specialist at Dell Technologies

Stop trying to fix everything

🟠 16:30 – 17:00 Viorel Bibiloiu, Big Data Engineer & Software Architect at eSolutions

Apache Cassandra in Big Data. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Besides these captivating panels, you can also find so many innovative business solutions from our partners. We are so grateful for their support and we want to share their solutions with you.

Luxoft offers the full spectrum of enterprise technology services, from modernizing legacy IT systems to delivering digital transformation at scale.

Our friends from Cognizant Softvision are here to answer to one important question: How is Software defining your business future? From designing & engineering amazing digital software products to transforming business-critical apps, they can really empower your digital culture.

If we are talking about digitalizing our lifestyle, Bosch is the most relatable brand, with its innovative household products for a smarter home and life. Meet them at HR Masters Summit 2022!

Least but not last, the good energy is powered by L’OR, responsible with the delicious coffee at Software Architecture Summit this year.

Wow, it will be pretty impressive for sure and we cannot wait to meet you there!

You can still join us, there are a few more tickets available. Take yours now ➡️



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