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L'OR - A moment of pure coffee pleasure

Discover the new L’OR products that offer you the opportunity to live a unique experience: a moment of pure coffee pleasure, without complexity.

Created in 1992, in France, L’OR indulges your senses with rich and unique aromas with every cup of coffee. In 2010, L’OR expanded beyond France, with the launch of L’OR Espresso, the first Nespresso®* compatible capsule made. Today, L’OR continues to captivate all connoisseurs with its exquisite espresso.

In every cup of L'OR lies a fascinating story. From harvest to roast, explore the incredible journey our coffee beans make to bring bliss to your taste buds. The quality of the beans that are harvested affects the exceptional L'OR coffee that ends up in your cup.

The story all begins with a small coffee bean.

There are so many ways of enjoying a L’OR coffee, it is all a question of taste & equipment. L’OR creates many coffee flavors through different tastes and variations. There is a delicious blend for everyone. Every coffee experience is unique and the way you choose to prepare your coffee is often a reflection of your personality. L’OR can be enjoyed in many ways, from a gourmet selection of beans and roast and ground to Aluminium capsules and Tassimo selections.

L'OR Capsules

L’OR offers a broad range of coffee capsules, compatible with your Nespresso®* machine. Each blend is created by our Coffee Artists for a different taste experience that engages all the senses. Choose your favourite blend– from lungo, espresso to ristretto and decaf coffee capsules, or explore new blends, with the L’OR Origins Selection.


A coffee with intriguing details, unexpected contrasts, richness, elegance, and daring blends. A captivating pleasure created just for you. Discover the fascinating world of rich aromas! A masterpiece in taste born from the profound artistic instinct of L’OR coffee artists. Using senses to combine, elevate and reveal the pleasure of experiencing unique moments.

*Marcă înregistrata a unei terțe părți care nu aparține gupului JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS



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