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How was Metaverse Summit 2022?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

First of all, it was LIVE and we had the long awaited chance to see each other again.

It's been about a month since the biggest tech event in the CEE took place right here, in Bucharest.

We took some well deserved time, so we can internalize everything we saw, heard and learned. Now it is the perfect time to share with you some highlights from Metaverse Summit.

Many thanks to our Metaverse Summit Partner this year – certSIGN – for supporting us!

Well, a good day starts with coffee, right? Let’s take a short moment for the appreciation of our partner L’OR, who was responsible for the good energy around here.

Adrian Floarea from certSIGN opened our Metaverse Summit for its first edition here in Romania, with a lot of emotions (the good ones though), debating how Internet will look like in the very near future and and how people's consumption behavior will change as soon as Metaverse will become the norm.

Avinash Changa from wemakeVR explained us the impact of virtual reality not only in terms of entertainment, but also in many areas focused on improving the quality of life. Now, extending to Metaverse, how is this new Internet changing our lives? From Avinash's perspective, VR is the technology that enables you to experience another world, and even more than just a simple technology, VR is a new language.

Francesco Vincenti from Somnium naturally continued the discussion, shifting attention to the future of jobs in an immersive Metaverse. The coolest thing here was that Francesco brought one of his work colleagues on the stage. Not as you would expect, but live directly in Metaverse. They talked about how can we transform our jobs of today in our jobs of tomorrow in Metaverse.

Then we had Emma from Warpin Media AB who pointed out the Dos & Don’ts when bringing your business into the Metaverse. From blockchain based virtual worlds to virtual reality, the best learnings from her would be: start small and learn along the way, start from and inside-out perspective and understand your target and its potential relationship with Metaverse.

P.S. Did you know that Seoul is becoming the first city in Metaverse?

Christopher Travers goes further than that, in order to make us understanding virtual influencers and their impact on our world. What we know is that there are hundreds of influencers on Instagram and a lot of them are also verified by the platform. They are human like, interoperable, scripted and they do not age nor die. Christopher also showed us an influencer they made and how it interacts with people online.

Cosmin Georgescu and Vladimir Ester from Cluster Power brought the discussion back to the local level, approaching the Metaverse for businesses and brands. Speaking of which, would you migrate your business to Metaverse?

Dimitar Kralev from The Fabricant showed us how can you sell a dress you'll never touch for €9500. No matter how crazy it sounds, Dimitar outlined the technologies enabling web3 and the Metaverse while showing practical examples of some currently available virtual worlds, based on digital assets only.

Lorenzo Cappannari from AnotheReality turned the discussion into a much more practical one, with focus on how virtual transformation will disrupt our businesses. He defined Metaverse in a way that is easier to understand and closer to what we already know. Metaverse is the convergence between gaming and Social Media, but with community and engagement in the spotlight.

Massimo Buonomo talked about the risks a bit. Not the happiest approach, but a very needed one. Metaverse is indeed a very powerful tool for marketing strategies in the future, but only if you will target Z generation, which is also 30% of the world population as we speak. Massimo brought clarity to how we integrate Metaverse into our business strategy for right the reasons and not for the hype.

But let's not talk too much about ourselves, let them tell you what how they feel about Metaverse Summit experience ⬇️

Still Metaverse Summit, but make it visual ⬇️

Before saying goodbye, we want to properly thank all of our partners who trusted us and supported us to make Metaverse Summit possible.

Until next time, keep in touch on our Facebook & Instagram and our monthly newsletter!



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