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Hong Kong. Boost your business growth in Asia, through Hong Kong

As a city built on entrepreneurial spirit and driven by opportunity, Hong Kong offers an ideal launch pad to expand your horizon to Asian markets, facilitating a direct access to the Chinese economy or ASEAN area. Businesses of all sizes choose Hong Kong to enter some of the world's largest and fastest growing markets because of its geographical location, stable economic environment, attractive tax regime, strong legal framework, stable investment climate, and excellent infrastructure.

For 25 years already, Hong Kong, is ranked as one of the freest economies in the world by the US-based Heritage Foundation and the third easiest place to do business in the by World Bank's Doing Business 2020 Report.

To attract international companies the government of Hong Kong has set up funding schemes and support for setting up a business, research & development, hiring, business development.

The department of the Hong Kong Administration promoting the many advantages of Hong Kong as a business hub for Asia is Invest Hong Kong. It was founded back in 2000 and has an overseas network of nearly 200 staff and representatives based in 33 key business cities worldwide.

InvestHK has industry specialists in 9 priority sectors including: Business & Professional Services, Consumer Products, Creative Industries, Financial Services, Financial Technology, Innovation & Technology, Tourism and Hospitality, and Transport, Infrastructure and Advanced Manufacturing. In addition, there is a dedicated StartmeupHK team.

Invest Hong Kong connects start-ups and entrepreneurs from all over the world with important networks and players in Hong Kong by providing free and confidential advice, and customized services aimed at helping businesses succeed in Hong Kong’s vibrant economy.

If you are a company willing to explore your business opportunities in Asia by setting up a subsidiary in Hong Kong, InvestHK Brussels can assist you in every step, from information on company formation procedures, business cost models (including salary ranges from HK, cost of office space,) to tax and business rules and immigration requirements.

We partner with clients on a long-term basis and offer free, customised and confidential services in all stages:

Planning – we provide the latest information on the Hong Kong Business envirenment including sector-specific advice and business opportunities, cost-of-business models, business incorporations procedures and the latest regulations and legislations, and arrangements of visit programmes.

We offer guidance in strategic implementation and evaluation of business decisions, connect with relevant Consulates, Chambers of Commerce and business associations, as well as advise on living and working in Hong Kong, including bank accounts, housing, schooling and networking.

Set up – we facilitate the smooth setup of a client’s business by making introductions to corporate service providers, informing on tax and business regulations, being the liaison with relevant government departments, and offering advice on sector-specific industries and opportunities.

Launch – we provide advice on professional and business services providers, and offer marketing and public relations services to support the launch or expansion of the client’s Hong Kong business.

Aftercare / Expansion – we provide tools to help client’s continuous expansion in Hong Kong and support in identifying growth opportunities to ensure a sustainable foundation for expansion. We also continue to support across marketing and public relations.

Decide to put your business in the spotlight with InvestHK Brussels, be curious to find out more, come and meet us at Bucharest Tech Week, Business Summits, May 22nd: "Innovation Summit", in Bucharest, at Booth.........., Lobby A. It will be a pleasure to discuss and share our experiences with you.

📧📞Contact our team InvestHK Brussels for free and confidential advice, as well as personalized services for your business growth!



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