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Here’s to Java Summit 2023 and the best moments of it

More than a month has passed since Bucharest Tech Week took place, and we are still in festival fever. This is what happens when you love what you do way too much. Bucharest Tech Week is our source of dopamine, for the entire team behind this event.

Because things have settled down, it's time to remember the most important moments and leave them here for posterity. Take your coffee and join us for a virtual journey through Java Summit 2023.

Many thanks to our JAVA Summit Partner this year – George. Primul Banking Inteligent – for supporting us!

Coffee checked, good mood checked.

Now let’s get to the stage and recap some of the key topics our international and local speakers addressed.

Edwin Derks from Team Rockstars IT brought us an efficient approach to optimizing our applications to the max with Jakarta EE & MicroProfile.Briefly, we learned how to optimally build, run and deploy Jakarta EE and MicroProfile-based enterprise applications to set up the tooling and stack for applying Jakarta EE and MicroProfile in hyper-modern cloud-native software development with Kubernetes and the key concepts that emphasize the benefits and downsides of competitors, like Spring Framework.

Most of the time, we forget that GC exists because it handles memory independently. But unfortunately, it is often involved in production incidents. At that moment, it reminds you it exists and that not everything is magic!

Moreover, OpenJDK brings a handful of GCs with different characteristics, and the default one (well, not always...) is not the easiest to understand. This choice of GCs allows the JVM to adapt to different workloads and applications in terms of latency or throughput. Jean-Philippe Bempel from Datadog explained how to tame those beasts and how to take advantage of them to improve our applications and resources.

Imagine having to wait 6 minutes to ensure that any code change you make works as intended. Andrei Serea from Google explained in his session how they went from 6 minutes to a couple of seconds and how we can use the same approach to facilitate running complex integration tests in a rich microservices environment, all from the comfort of your development station.

Nacho Cougil from Dynatrace gave us a more comprehensive understanding of what TDD is, what advantages it brings, why it is interesting to master it, and some tricks and good practices to be able to apply them in our day-to-day life when writing code.

Michael Simons, Senior Consultant Data Engineer at Neo4j, taught us how to put Neo4j-Migrations to work for us. Neo4j-Migrations gives you an easy way to apply schema changes to Neo4j. The most important feature? Neo4j-Migrations comes as a native binary CLI, perfect for use in CI/CD systems. The CLI has everything you need to set up safe CI scenarios.

In the end, we want to thank you all for being with us at Java Summit 2023!



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