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The passport of the future - your Digital identity!

Secure electronic identity and qualified e-signatures. Mission Possible!

In today's digital age, many companies are digitalizing their services, making them easily accessible to customers remotely. Some of the most common services that are transitioning online are new customer acquisition and remote document signing with employees or business partners. As electronic services become more popular, legal requirements and concerns regarding personal data processing and identity fraud are also increasing. The solution for businesses to overcome these challenges is to partner with qualified trust service providers (QTSPs). The QTSPs are companies that specialize in identity verification and e-signing and are legally authorized to provide such services. Let’s investigate together what are the benefits, legal certifications, and compliance with industry standards connected to QTSPs.

Why Choosing a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP)?

A qualified trust service provider can offer the highest level of legal assurance and help businesses navigate the complex landscape of legal requirements. When selecting a service provider, businesses should consider several key factors, including the provider's certification status, compliance with industry standards, and ability to offer seamless integration with existing systems.

What are the industry certifications for QTSPs?

The QTSPs are granted by the eIDAS regulation, which ensures that digital signatures are legally recognized across the European Union. Additionally, Anti-Money-Laundering (AML), Know-YourCustomer (KYC), and Know-Your-Business (KYB) compliances are critical for ensuring secure digital identity verification and e-signing. Based on the recommendations shared by the European Union, companies should prioritize choosing a provider that is certified and adheres to these industry standards to ensure the highest level of security and legal protection.

What are the benefits of QTSPs?

QTSPs are subject to strict regulations and industry standards, ensuring that their services are trustworthy and secure. By partnering with a QTSP, businesses can benefit from their expertise in digital identity verification and e-signing, which can help reduce the risk of fraud and unauthorized access.

About Evrotrust

One service provider that businesses can rely on for digital identity verification and e-signing is Evrotrust. Evrotrust is a leading qualified trust service provider (QTSP) under the eIDAS regulation, meaning that its digital signatures are legally recognized across the European Union. As a QTSP, the brand provides businesses with qualified e-signatures that are equivalent to handwritten signatures under EU law, offering the highest level of legal assurance and compliance. In addition, Evrotrust's solutions for secure identity verification and electronic signing are designed to integrate seamlessly with one's existing systems, ensuring a smooth user experience for both businesses and their customers. With Evrotrust, companies can conduct secure and compliant digital transactions with confidence, knowing that their digital identities and signatures are legally valid and applicable. â


Choosing a qualified trust service provider is essential for businesses that require secure and legally compliant digital transactions. By selecting a provider like Evrotrust that meets rigorous industry standards and possesses the necessary certifications, companies can benefit from enhanced security, improved user experience, and legally recognized qualified signatures. The Evrotrust platform offers seamless integration with existing systems, providing a hassle-free solution for digital identity verification and e-signing. By partnering with a QTSP, businesses can navigate the complex landscape of legal requirements and focus on driving growth and innovation in the digital space.



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