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Paperless or zero-paper document flows

Digital transformation is an ongoing process in many companies in Romania, and the main activities aimed at this transition from paper to digital are those related to the Human Resources department and the relationship with partners and suppliers.

The first and perhaps the most important tool to start this digital transformation is the qualified electronic signature. Any agreement, understanding or partnership, if we are talking about the commercial area, is concluded by a contract that must be signed, and the qualified electronic signature is recognized in all EU Member States, being the only type of signature legally equivalent to the handwritten signature, which is governed by eIDAS Regulation 910/2014.

Areas such as health, finance, banking, insurance, administration, human resources and others took a first step towards the digital transformation of at least some of their work, which was necessary but also useful in many ways.

The advantages of adopting electronic solutions are important, and depending on the specificities of each business, the remote qualified electronic signature via the Paperless solution developed by CERTSIGN, has a stronger echo in certain aspects.

Digital transformation of internal and onboarding

processes in the banking field

In the banking field, the changes began with the onboarding process, which facilitated the client's interaction with the bank exclusively online, even for obtaining loans.

Also, regarding the internal flows, namely of the HR department, which is organized at the headquarters, the interaction of human resources specialists with each employee in the country was almost impossible, and the time of signing the documents was very long. Using the remote qualified electronic signature, the process of hiring and signing all personnel documents is faster and more organized.

Digital transformation of retail and FMCG processes

As for the retail area, we are dealing with a business model with a very large number of suppliers, but also with high fluctuations of personnel and an HR department operating at headquarters.

Paperless comes to support not only this high volume of personnel documents, which once signed automatically reach the electronic archive, but also the management of contracts with suppliers and customers in a much shorter time.

Digital transformation in the utilities field

In the business model of utilities providers, the biggest challenge is to manage a large number of customers, and internally they face a high dynamic of field staff, with some HR tasks being assigned to some officials in the territory.

Utilities providers are quite familiar with digital tools, almost all of them now are issuing electronic invoices, and others are even signing contracts using the electronic signature. The digital transformation of the HR department is just one step away.

In short, about Paperless by certSIGN

Paperless is an extremely flexible solution tailored to the needs of companies and to society progress, which allows digital certificates to be obtained online using video identification tools, and documents to be signed and downloaded from the platform, using any type of device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.)

webSIGN and flowSIGN applications are user-friendly, intuitive, and thanks to default menus and multiple display options, the documents you're looking for can be found very easily. Electronic archiving can be integrated into the Paperless solution, and with it the costs decrease by 67% compared to physical archiving.

Now, not only at company level, but also for end-users, even natural persons, qualified certificates can be obtained quickly, using certME - the first service for digital identification on the Romanian market and the only certificate compliant with the European Regulation eIDAS 910/2014.

Public or private organisations can enrol with CERTME to be able to provide services exclusively online, by eliminating the physical travel of customers at the counter, standing in lines and filling in forms.

In addition to all the advantages and specifications of the Paperless by certSIGN service, all the benefits of electronic flows remain: no paper, no ink for the printer, no costs for the transmission of original documents to be signed by partners or employees, no time spent with all this administration, and the costs decrease considerably compared to everything that involves hand signing all the documents in a company.



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