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Next step towards an ecosystem of fully digital B2B interactions. certSIGN enabled

How does an ecosystem of fully digital B2B interactions sound like? Perfectly achievable, especially since everything we need is already at our fingertips. Right now – particularly after implementing digital platforms that require the use of a qualified certificate for electronic signature for the interactions between natural or legal persons and state institutions – the next logical step is clear. SMEs should explore the full potential of the same qualified certificate for electronic signature that can be used not only in relation to state institutions, but also for internal processes or business relations. As for the large enterprises, this opens up the opportunity to engage in fully online interactions with startups, small and medium enterprises.

We are therefore talking about 100% digital interactions, with legal value:

  • with state institutions: ANAF (SPV access, e-Factura, e-Transport), e-Vamă (AES-RO), MFE (electronic signing of the documentation necessary to obtain European funds through MySMIS), SICAP (participation in public tenders, electronic signing of offers and awarding documentation), ONRC (registration, ordering the release of documents/information, completing the file, submitting documents, financial statements) etc.

  • with suppliers and business partners (SME & Large Enterprise): contracts, additional documents etc.

  • for the optimization of internal processes: individual employment contracts, additional documents, declarations, evaluations etc.

certSIGN solutions for an ecosystem of fully digital B2B interactions

How can the Romanian business environment benefit from 100% digital interactions, with legal value? What are the basic solutions that make the difference?

The principle that both large companies and SMEs should consider in their digital transformation is straightforward: every business decision involves at least one document. Therefore, eliminating paper by ensuring that processes and decisions initiated electronically are completed electronically is essential. From drafting, signing, to transmission and archiving – all while protecting the information:

  • Qualified certificates for electronic signature: available on token or in the cloud, obtained fully online through remote video identification. Their period depends on specific needs – from a few minutes (applying a signature), up to 1, 2 or 3 years.

  • Online remote electronic signature platforms:

o   Paperless webSIGN - web application that allows uploading, remote signing and downloading of documents OR

o   Paperless flowSIGN - the first remote electronic signature platform, with legal value, for several signatories.

  • Electronic archiving: ending the digital document flow by electronically archiving signed documents, using services authorized according to Law no. 135/2007 regarding the archiving of documents in electronic form.


What exactly are the advantages of qualified certificate for electronic signature on token or in the cloud, remote video identification and electronic archiving solutions offered by certSIGN?

  • Digital network: Fully digital interactions, with implicit legal value, between all legal entities in Romania – SMEs and/or large enterprises.

  • Mobility: 100% electronic business processes and document flows, completed anywhere, anytime, on any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone).

  • Speed ​​and cost reduction: 100% digital document processes and flows – fast electronic signature, transmission and electronic archiving, easily managed compared to paper documents.

  • Legal coverage: Qualified electronic signature legally equivalent to the handwritten signature and remote video identification equivalent to physical presence in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation, respectively electronic archiving according to Law no. 135/2007.

  • Recognition at EU level: The qualified electronic signature based on a qualified certificate issued in one member state is recognized in all other member states.

  • Certification: Accredited/certified solutions, compliant with EU and national regulations in force, offered by a reliable trust service provider qualified at European level.



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