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NXP is at the forefront of the technological advance

With over 20 years of history in the design, development and innovation of software products, NXP Romania is a center of excellence in software and software development tools.

With an average of over 500 engineers and a turnover of 38 million euros in 2021, the company is a global leader in the development of software for 5G, Wireless, Automotive (ADAS, AI/ML, Radar) technologies, security solutions and tools used in software development. The Center in Bucharest focuses on two areas in continuous transformation: Automotive and Internet of Things.

2022 is set to be the beginning of a great technological revolution, larger than that of the 2000s, marked by the advent of laptops and than that of the 2010s, when smartphones appeared. Studies say that in 2030 there will be 75B+ of ultra-connected devices in the world, 60% of cars will be electric or hybrid, 5G will have 60% coverage as early as 2025, and revenues from artificial intelligence in the semiconductor industry will reach $75B.

At NXP Semiconductors Romania, we contribute exactly to these technologies of the future.

We offer solutions for Automotive, Consumer, Industrial and Internet of Things, software development platforms that integrate components delivered by NXP, most of them developed in Romania and software from partners, in areas where they complete the NXP software offer.

Our engineers create a revolutionary and innovative technology. If you're part of NXP, you'll contribute to an innovative, safer and smarter future.

Simona Almajan is leading NXP Romania operations and talks about NXP business objectives and the evolution of NXP Romania in 2022.

- What are the business objectives of NXP Romania for 2022? 

Software is at the heart of NXP Romania products. At NXP Romania, together with our talented employees, we accelerate breakthroughs that help to advance the world. We build solutions—not just products—that enhance the capabilities of people, organizations and the world at large.

Our automotive strategy is perfectly aligned and committed to automotive trends with the current product portfolio which address all domains. We have in our roadmap software solutions for ADAS Radar, Infotainment, Connectivity, Networking, Electrification, 5G, Wireless Connectivity. Innovation is another focus area where we will continue to invest as part of our IP Creation, Long Term Innovation and Workbench Innovation Programs. Last, but very important is the wellbeing of our people, our greatest asset. We will continue the work-life balance and career development programs.

- What is your company strategy in terms of recruitment and retaining/ attracting talents? What are the challenges?

The greatest challenge on the current market in NXP Romania is the scarcity of the workforce when comes with highly specialized skills. NXP Romania strategy to attract and retain people is formed by a mix of opportunities to work on cutting-edge technologies, in an open, flexible, diverse and transparent environment, combined with substantial compensation packages and benefits.

Our greatest asset is our people, a diverse and talented group of employees who take pride in their work and seize opportunities for excellence.  Employees advancement in career path is a priority for us. We encourage global collaboration and mentorship to advance their career and boost their personal development.

Learning and development of our teams is a top priority for NXP Romania. Our employees benefit from knowledge enhancement, training programs, internal domain specific “schools” (e. g. school of architects, safety school, security school etc), we organize paid internship programs and competitions. Our compensation and benefits programs are ahead of the market (e.g restricted stock unit plans, ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Program, Employees Engagement Survey, Site Improvement Program, full list below) and designed to attract the best talent and empower our employees to perform to their full potential.  

In addition, we embrace an inclusive culture comprised of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, a transparent culture fostering honesty, integrity and open feedback. 



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