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Metaverse Summit - Powered by certSIGN

It is on everyone's lips. Over and about that, there are businesses who are getting ready for the new Internet, already filling their trademarks and buying virtual lands as part of metaverse experience bid. Well, it was only about time to talk about this huge step in the way things are working on the Internet these days. What are the challenges, are we talking about a new economy as well and what is sensory advertising? These and many more at METAVERSE Summit at Bucharest Tech Week.

When and Where?

📅 At Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest, but also on MyConnector, on June 15.

The big official summit opening is going to be on June 14, in the company of Adrian Floarea, CEO, certSIGN and Irina Obushtarova, Co-founder & CEO, The Recursive, which will be our Moderator as well.

With such an amazing opening ceremony, we will just say - Welcome to Metaverse Summit at Buchatest Tech Week 2022!

What do we have for you this year?

🟠 09:45 – 10:30 Avinash Changa, Founder and CEO WeMakeVR

The Metaverse explained: separating hype from (virtual) reality

Metaverse-platforms have been a part of Virtual Reality since 2015, but have recently become the industry’s latest buzzword. In this first Metaverse Summit keynote, industry-pioneer Avinash Changa from WeMakeVR will bring the audience up to speed on the current state of the Metaverse, the opportunities it presents today, and how it could affect industries in the upcoming years.

🟠 10:30 – 11:00 Francesco Vincenti, Business Development & Partnerships at Somnium Space

The Future of Jobs in an Immersive Metaverse

Live cross-reality talk directly from stage and the Metaverse (in VR). Somnium Space is a Virtual Reality World, multichain. Open, Decentralized and Immersive Metaverse where users can create, own and monetize their digital creations and experiences. This opens up to the future of jobs in the web3 creator economy, and we will show how you can join the Metaverse and start building your dream job from tomorrow!

🟠 11:45 – 12:15 Emma Ridderstad, Co-founder and CEO Warpin

Dos & Don’ts when bringing your business into the Metaverse

In her talk, Emma Ridderstad will discuss the potential of taking your business into the Metaverse, where we are in terms of development of this new virtual society, and just how far it could take us. The talk, on Dos & Don’ts in the Metaverse, will cover what “Metachallenges” to expect and the steps we can take in advance in order to mitigate or avoid them.

🟠12:15 – 13:00 Christopher Travers, CCO and Co-Founder Offbeat Media Group,

Understanding Virtual Influencers and Their Impact on Our World

As our consumption habits, interests, priorities, and lives rely more and more on digital substitutes, understanding how you can play a role becomes crucial as a creator, founder, or leader. Virtual influencers are digital characters created in computer graphics software, then given a personality defined by a first-person view, and made accessible on media platforms for the sake of influence. Virtual influencers already enjoy nearly 3x the engagement rate of conventional social influencers, and as digital natives age into consumption over the coming decade, interest in entirely digital personas will only continue to grow.

🟠 14:00 – 15:00 Cosmin Georgescu, CEO, Cluster Power, Vladimir Ester, CTO, Cluster Power & Irina Obushtarova, Co-founder & CEO, The Recursive

Panel - Approaching the Metaverse for Businesses and Brands

🟠15:00 – 16:15 Dimitar Kralev, Metaverse operations

€9500 for a dress you'll never touch

During this practical session, Dimitar will outline the technologies enabling web3 and the Metaverse while showing practical examples of some currently available virtual worlds. The talk will touch on phygital experiences, the promise of new decentralized economies and will use the emerging digital fashion industry to illustrate the new opportunities for brands to connect with their users/clients.

🟠 16:15 – 16:45 Lorenzo Cappannari, CEO AnotheReality

How virtual transformation will disrupt your business

The metaverse, thanks to the convergence of several spatial computing technologies, is enabling the digitalization of experiences, of most physical objects (like places, people and things), and the creation of new virtual economies. This trend is an evolution of digital transformation that we call virtual transformation, and businesses need to embrace it not to be left behind. Some of them are already doing it, by upgrading their relationship with customers and employees, and their production/industrial operations.

🟠 16:45 – 17:15 Shay O'Carroll, Co-founder

Why HR Needs to pay attention to the new online universe

Besides these amazing panels, you can also find so many innovative business solutions from our amazing partners. We are so grateful for their support and we want to share their solution with you.

Cluster Power offers access to scalable and reliable data computing and storage capacity in the strategic region of Central and Eastern Europe. Come and meet your go to sustainable and secure cloud service provider at Innovation Summit 2022!

Wow, it will be pretty astonishing for sure and we cannot wait to meet you there!

You can still join us, there are a few more tickets available. Take yours now ➡️



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