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How We Do IT at eSolutions: For Tech and Beyond


Technology has always been a force for economic, social, and cultural growth. Historically speaking, humankind used gradually more advanced tech to develop economic, political, and military power, as well as to promote their own health, wealth, and last, but not least, entertainment. Disputable how some tech might be nowadays, they all appeared as a natural evolutionary step, and in accordance with the needs of the society. We are now living in the most prolific age of technological advancements, and humanity is not ready to stop yet.


Most technical innovations have appeared during wars, pandemics, or other global crises, but have been made available to the larger public only post-event. Think of flu vaccines, penicillin, and blood plasma transfusion in the medical field, or jet airplanes, radar technology, wireless communication, and electronic computers, in the science and technology field. We now find ourselves in exactly such an era. COVID has reshaped the way we work, the way we communicate and relate to one another, the way we take care of ourselves, and software and services have flourished in this period to make our lives better.

While the radar’s original goal was to be used as a weapon with electromagnetic radiation, and not a form of detection, this is a period when people start innovating for the better.

These last 10 years have brought about massive stretches of innovation, from electric aviation and social robots to genomic vaccines and genetic engineering. In the realm of IT, we can talk about the global move from 4G to 5G, from local to cloud storage, moving the processing/computing from the cloud to the edge, RPA and robotics entering multiple industries, artificial intelligence diagnoses and telemedicine, and more.

With better computing power, better infrastructure and networking, clean coding, great architectures, all these within agile and collaborative environments, a lot can be achieved in both our personal lives, and in the business realm.

Skill Acquisition and Continuous Learning

To achieve innovation, having great ideas is not enough. You also need passionate people to drive innovative projects from start to finish, always willing to learn and reinforce what was previously learned. You need both leaders and professionals, which combined in an agile way, help you reach the desired results. Constantly developing new skills and knowledge is not merely a suggestion, but quite unavoidable in this era of technology.

How We Do IT at eSolutions

At eSolutions, we believe in continuous learning, teamwork, and constant exchange of know-how. Only this way can we truly enable evolution. Pair programming, brainstorming, sharing technical tutorials online, holding internal talks on different technologies, projects, and methodologies, and organizing hackathons are just a few of the ways in which we promote continuous learning and efficiency, while also maintaining a relaxed and fun environment throughout the years.

eSolutions Academy

Due to our love for technology, progress, and evolution, we also set up a new business division in 2016, offering a wide range of IT courses, providing our partners with the best-fit technical training for their teams. We cover a comprehensive list of courses in programming (Java, Javascript, React, Angular, Go, and more), big data (Cassandra, Spark, NiFi, Kafka, Hadoop, and others), DevOps (Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, CI/CD pipelines), databases (PostgreSQL, Neo4j, Data Warehousing), and security.

Never Stop Learning

With expertise built on know-how and passion, we strive to offer our customers the best services and solutions for their use case, and our employees the same captivating and relaxed environment that has kept us together for 21 years. We are constantly looking for new professionals to join our team and enlarge our barrel of knowledge from which we can all take a pint.

Do you share our passion for custom software development, for high-quality code, and for a positive mindset? View our careers page for new opportunities.

About eSolutions:

eSolutions is a technology company developing integrated, complex, and secure solutions, with a focus on improving the business processes that stand behind the software.

We build, implement, and develop big data, cloud, & IoT solutions for key market verticals, using microservices architectures for apps that are both stable and scalable. Using state of the art software development methodologies that guarantee high quality, reliable code, we have a proven success track record of over 20 years.

With a client portfolio including companies such as Carrefour Romania, REWE, Regina Maria, Deutsche Telekom, Metro Digital, or ANPIS, we always live up to industry challenges and provide our partners with a competitive edge in their verticals.

Visit our website to find out more.



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