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How was Software Architecture Summit 2022?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

First of all, it was LIVE and we had the long awaited chance to see each other again.

It's been about a month since the biggest tech event in the CEE took place right here, in Bucharest.

We took some well deserved time, so we can internalize everything we saw, heard and learned. Now it is the perfect time to share with you some highlights from Software Architecture Summit.

Many thanks to our Software Architecture Summit Partner this year – Luxoft – for supporting us!

Ștefania Fulgu from Luxoft opened our Software Architecture Summit, with a lot of emotions (the good ones though), debating the level that the software architecture has reached in Romania.

Ismaël Mejía from Microsoft started the day with an overview on the current data landscape and gave us some good practices to take into account when we extend our existing software architecture with new data tools, having in mind a lot of influencing factors: current systems, business priorities, costs, knowledge and future readiness.

David Pilato from Elastic was on really point with his panel on indexing our office documents with Elastic stack and FSCrawler. I mean, we have plenty of Open Office, Microsoft Office, PDF, images... documents and we are not always able to search for their metadata and content. But what if we can?

Cătălin Tudose from Luxoft demonstrated us how implement the architecture of a test pyramid strategy, showing us the tools, frameworks and environments. Why we should always test? Well, because of the safer code, we can find bugs earlier, we can isolate the incorrect code, we can easily introduce new functionalities and document the application.

Ricardo Sueiras from AWS shared typical use cases for hybrid workflows, a look at the options and trade offs with different approaches, and walked us through building a hybrid workflow using Apache Airflow to orchestrate a workflow using data sources inside and outside the cloud.

Ricardo’s colleague, Wojtek Gawroński from AWS, joined the stage afterwards with a speech about integration as the key to Modern Cloud Applications, with focus on how serverless and application integration tools available in the AWS cloud make connections explicit, automatable, and manageable.

Then we welcomed Andrei Crăciun and Sorin Vultureanu from Bosch on the stage, talking about software architecture principles from embedded to cloud with a glimpse on AI in the automotive world. They showed how they would do it, from market to scalability to data security.

Steve Upton from Thoughtworks came with an inspirational idea – to stop trying to fix everything, which might sound a little strange in this context. But he had a point. When things go wrong we try to do better. Incident Analysis, Root Cause Analysis and Post Mortems are an important part of continuous improvement and many of our workflows. We looked at what we do when things go wrong and the really easy things we can do to make things worse.

Viorel Bibiloiu from eSolutions had a holistic approach on Apache Cassandra in Big Data, going through the main benefits of using Cassandra, discussing the main challenges and offering some tips and tricks to ensure that this database is used correctly.

Slobodan Boljanovic ended the day and also the Business Summit week with his panel on Monolith to Microservices, which is one of the most frequent topics on the SAG table. He talked about how to approach the transition, what could be the technical challenges and how can you know when Monolith to Microservices is a well known decision.

But let's not talk too much about ourselves, let them tell you what how they feel about the Software Architecture Summit experience ⬇️

Still Software Architecture Summit, but make it visual ⬇️

Before saying goodbye, we want to properly thank all of our partners who trusted us and supported us to make Software Architecture Summit possible.

Until next time, keep in touch on our Facebook & Instagram and our monthly newsletter!



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