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Here’s to HR Masters Summit 2023 and the best moments of it

More than a month has passed since Bucharest Tech Week took place, and we are still in festival fever. This is what happens when you love what you do way too much. Bucharest Tech Week is our dopamine source for the entire team behind this event.

Because things have settled down, it's time to remember the most important moments and leave them here for posterity. Take your coffee and join us for a virtual journey through HR Masters Summit 2023.

Many thanks to our HR Masters Summit Partner this year – Undelucram – for supporting us!

First thing first, chapeau to our extremely special and important partner that opened HR Masters Summit. We must thank him once again for his presence - Costin Tudor from

Coffee checked, good mood checked.

Now let’s get to the stage and recap some of the key topics our international and local speakers addressed.

Kelsa Albert, Global People Development Manager at FARFETCH, brought her best practices on replacing traditional Personal Development Plans with a Career Development Toolkit to create a culture where employees can take ownership of their development, build growth mindsets and succeed in a squiggly career. She focused her speech on the three fundamental principles (reflection, connection and action), their approach to personal development plans and some practical tools we can use within our organization.

Diana Fayad got back to the pandemic and the humanitarian crises of 2020. She highlighted recognition as a completely different dimension from now on, focusing on its pivotal role in contributing to a rising new EVP model. People who joined her session learned how to reimagine recognition and EVP and how recognition and rewards impact ‘harder’ metrics around retention and business performance.

Sam Fletcher talked about the emerging field of Talent Intelligence, how data proliferation and AI impact talent acquisition and management, and how digital identity will shape the future of the world of work?

The most important things we got from this speech were the best practices on how we can start using talent intelligence to shape workforce decisions, an exclusive look into how AI can be used to increase hiring velocity and internal mobility and why digital identity and data ownership should be on the mind of every HR professional.

We face a big gap for women in tech in Europe (women occupy only 22 percent of all tech roles across European companies) that is exceptionally high in growing-demand industries and roles such as Cloud, DevOps, and Machine Learning. Smaranda Gosa-Mensing told us how to bring and retain double the current share of women in tech, thereby adding up to Eur260-600 billion in GDP to the European economy.

First, reframing enables women to thrive in tech (increase sponsorship, reduce isolation, flexibility programs). Then retain & create an inclusive environment to give women a reason to stay. After that, redeploying to ensure women develop the latest tech skills to take up in-demand roles in tech and source from non-traditional places. Finally, ramp up: close the gap in girls/women studying STEM disciplines.

In one of the most awaited masterclasses of the week, Andrea Iles from Nokia shared best practices for creating a meaningful and engaging Employee Experience that supports your organization's goals and objectives. She also facilitated an interesting session throughout the day with a discussion about the benefits of Agile HR and strategies and tools for upskilling People Professionals to help them excel in their roles, improve employee experience and contribute to the organization's success.

In the end, we want to thank you all for being with us at HR Masters Summit 2023!



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