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Dozens of Reasons to use HR Technology and Automation in Recruitment.

It’s ok to be skeptical

We should look at new technologies with skepticism. This will help us to better understand how these technologies work and if it is really helpful or not.

The world today means living in a digitally accelerated era. There are so many options available on the market, and every tech provider promises you the world.

The pressure is very real. Competition is fierce. New digital solutions promising to ski high recruitment are continuously developing, and your competitors seem to always be one step ahead of you.

Skepticism might just be the best advisor you could have.

Why do candidates like it?

● Easy to use, available 24/7, transparent, and bias-free.

● Candidates have access to all kinds of apps, websites, platforms, social media for jobs. They don't search for jobs anymore, jobs are finding them due to the new HR technologies.

● Jobs are delivered where the candidates are spending most of their time: online.

Why do recruiters like it?

● One of the most time-consuming and stressful parts of the recruitment process is searching and screening candidates.

● This is the sector where available technologies can help you, maybe, the most. You will be in constant contact with the right candidates.

● Your capacity to manage and handle the recruitment processes will increase.

● Candidates’ behavior will no longer be unknown to you, as you’ll have deep, and powerful insights into their behavior. And each recruiter will have a tech assistant.

Candidates are already using HR Technologies in massive percentages.

Recruiters need to follow and get the benefits offered by HR Technologies to search, screen, nurture candidates, and get powerful insights into your candidates’ needs.

Social media is the largest pool of candidates that ever existed.

● Active and Passive candidates are online for 1h30m every day.

● There is a 79% chance that the population will know you are looking for a candidate to fill up a vacancy in your company.

● Getting in touch with the right candidates is a matter of capacity and speed.

● Today's available technologies, such as robots, are giving you a 10x boost of recruitment resources.

So, if you are looking for new ways to find & attract candidates, Social Media Recruiting combined with Technology should be top of your list.

Snapshot of Dora’s chatbot activity.

36.582.367 Candidates reached by Dora the Recruitment Robot

574.569 Interviews performed by Dora for an average of 5 minutes each

2.195 Recruitment projects created and managed automatically on Social Media

15.000+ Working hours of repetitive tasks saved for recruiters




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