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Dental benefits for employees, the new tech utility for more wellbeing.

When is the last time you went to see a dentist? Was it because of sudden pain or you wanted to do just a check? Most of us, especially in Romania, don’t go to the dentist for prevention. It’s a hard fact. And it happens mainly because the system doesn’t necessarily help and doesn’t necessarily care. So you have to manage your oral health on your own, when and how you can.

So how do you do that? If you are not the lucky case where you already have a trusted dentist for years, and you think of making an improvement to your smile or solving some pending issues, or even treating an emergency, you will start asking around for a recommendation. Or you will search the internet and get frustrated with the amount of useless information. In both cases, you might not make the right choice of a dentist to answer your specific needs and you could feel disappointed and not motivated to continue to care for your oral health.

The technology and IziDoc change that. Being able to personalize your search on a platform of dental benefits such as IziDoc, where you can choose from hundreds of validated in-network dentists, makes it easy for you to find the right dentist for you. You can use filters such as proximity, medical specialty, gender, and even spoken language. The resulted doctors’ profiles are detailed and standardized so you can easily understand your options and make an informed decision. You can see doctor’s experience, dental office images and information, price lists and reviews. Most important, you have the freedom to choose from IziDoc network of over 165 dental clinics and offices and more than 650 dentists of all specialties.

Another relevant aspect is the financial one. Dental services are perceived as more expensive. But IziDoc makes it easy on this part as well. Having an IziDoc membership from your employers helps you not only find the right dentist easier but also to pay less. All IziDoc users benefit from our network of generally free consultations and treatment plans, about one-third of our dental partners also offer free dental cleaning and all of them offer discounts to dental treatments of up to 30%. Each specific IziDoc offer is available within dentists’ profiles, easy to check along with prices.

Proximity, information and savings, available also for your kids, are the key benefits of having an IziDoc dental subscription. On top of, we offer dental education to make you aware of when, why and what you should be aware of for basic oral health. We do this through webinars held by our dentist colleague and through periodical newsletters.

As an employer, offering IziDoc dental subscription to your employees will really help them with less struggle and less cost when it comes to oral health. Subscription prices start from only 1 EUR/month/employee and are deductible in the aggregated medical services limit of 400 EURO/year. We are soon launching the app version that will add more interactivity with the user in creating a long-term relationship with your dentist, along with the good habits of visiting him regularly.

Offering medical support of basic kinds, such as dental, especially in a digitized form, easy to access by employees, helps increasing employer branding, retention and even performance, as healthy employees are more focused.

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