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Bosch is an AIoT company - is that a thing?

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Isn’t Bosch all about household appliances, power tools and traditional automotive electronics? Well, no, Bosch is rather an aspiring world-leading AIoT company. Say again, AIoT? What is the A doing in this equation?

AIoT is an acronym that stands for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the Internet of Things (IoT). And this means the latest software & hardware and connectivity solutions for all Bosch products and services. Let me give you a number: it is estimated that there will be around 25 billion connected things by 2025 worldwide. Impressive, right?

Now, let me explain how this AI and IoT cocktail works.

At Bosch, our core expertise lies in the physical products and technologies. Our big advantage is the domain knowledge that ranges from the automotive world to consumer goods and industrial or building technologies. By adding AI to the IoT, Bosch creates a closed value creation cycle (from product development, manufacturing to product usage by the customer) that can even be automated, so it is much faster, it enables an agile approach and even more focus on the users.

The driving force of this cycle is the creation of business value and it is sustained by a constant data flow. The life cycle of a product and the data creation & gathering start already in the ideation phase, goes through all stages of its engineering - both hardware and software -, its manufacturing and logistics and its interaction with the customer. The data needs to be collected, stored and processed in a structured manner. This is not an easy step as the data coming from so many different sources is very diverse in type, quality and frequency. We truly speak here of Big Data. The data is then processed using data science and machine learning algorithms and based on their findings we can close the loop by improving our products with this knowledge. Easy as that, right?

What does this all have to do with Bucharest Technology Week (BTW)?

Besides its industrial use cases, AIoT shows great potential for residential and mobility applications as well. When we talk about an automated vehicle, for example, it has to be Aware of its surroundings, Autonomous in collecting, processing and transmitting data and Actionable meaning that the AI derived conclusions are turned into actions that are safe and reliable. Moreover, we work not only on smart but also sustainable mobility by supporting the transition to electrification via battery and fuel cell systems.

Making this happen is part of our day-to-day business at Bosch Engineering Center, where we work on all levels involved in such applications, from the development of electronic control and communication units, data pipelines, cloud platforms and data science & AI solutions for various use cases from the mobility sector and not only.

You wanna try out such smart solutions yourself ? Then check out the Bosch Stand and the Mobility Expo @ BTW! Furthermore, listen to our experts’ talk “Software architecture principles - from embedded to cloud with a glimpse on data-driven development” at the Software Architecture Summit, and deep-dive into technical details together with them.

If you still need more info about Bosch Engineering Center, visit



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