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What is the Car Subscription and why it is the right solution for you?

Today, mobility is no longer just about the car. Mobility means flexibility and should always bring along time savings, efficiency and personal budget optimization. With this thought in mind, we strive daily to innovate, rethink access to the car and offer you the best solution for efficient mobility. Our Sharetoo products are the clear proof of this commitment, and among them, the Car Subscription offers you the ideal solution to drive any car you want, without buying it.

Why choose the Car Subscription? We already have the answer!

Flexibility. The subscription is available for 3, 6 or 12 months, with the possibility of automatic renewal, just like in the case of subscriptions for streaming platforms. Besides the initial duration, you also choose the suitable monthly mileage because in the end, you know best how many kilometers you travel. Moreover, the longer the period of use , the lower the monthly subscription value.

Efficiency. Do you prefer usage instead of ownership? Do you travel a lot, often change residence or place of work and don’t plan to become a car owner? The car subscription gives you the right car at the right time - you rent and pay as much as you need. The subscription covers trips outside the country, in case you want mobility during your vacation or if you are an entrepreneur with regional activity. You choose the car that best suits your mobility needs at that moment and use it as much as you need. Afterwards, you return it hassle-free and simply choose your new car.

Optimized costs. Of course, cost is an important element, which is why we have designed the service in such a way that the single monthly payment covers all the expenses necessary to maintain and use the car, including tire service, roadside assistance and car insurance. The cars come equipped with all-season tires to limit the user's responsibilities and allow you to enjoy the driving pleasure. The only cost that is not included is that of fueling or charging the car.

Replacement mobility. Because you subscribe to mobility, you have permanent access to a car. When your subscription car is in service, you have the exchange car included, without any additional rental costs.

Easy online purchase. The contracting process is digitized and simplified. Data checks and document signing take place online, even directly from the phone, via the online platform So, you save time and resources, without going to our office and signing additional sets of documents. The desired car reaches you in just a few days after paying the guarantee fee online.

Fleet optimization. Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur starting off your new business or simply a part of a company with many employees to whom you want to offer additional benefits? Fitting the dynamics of companies and their transport needs, Car Subscription is a simple and flexible mobility solution, suitable for various projects and business opportunities. There are many situations in which contracting processes can be simplified, and Car Subscription is more advantageous compared to the rest of the car solutions on the market. The mobility needs of companies can vary a lot; these are caused by changes on the labor market (such as new flexible work models emerging on the market), internal changes in the car policy related to car fleet replacement intervals or simply by periods in which an extended car fleet is not profitable.

If you are curious and interested, come and meet us during the "Bucharest Technology Week". We look forward to welcoming you at our booth to discuss about the Sharetoo Car Subscription Join us and discover how Porsche Finance Group Romania redefines the concept of mobility, offering a full range of financial products and innovative services adapted to your transport needs. From Car Subscription to financing options, insurance and fleet management, we are here to facilitate your quick access to the optimal mobility solution for you.

Join us on the journey to a safer, more sustainable and more convenient future with #Car Subscription from Sharetoo!



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