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Outsourcing of data management services, a long-term trend

Updated: May 3, 2023

More and more companies choose to manage their data and applications in dedicated centres. To cope with changing times and current macroeconomic contexts, data centre storage is no longer a trend, but a must for information security, cost reduction, and flexibility. M247 Europe, provider of IT solutions, has highlighted the growing demand for data centre solutions, investing in capacities in this area. The success of data centres is closely correlated with the benefits they offer for companies.

M247 Europe is one of the leading providers of hosting, connectivity, and data management solutions in Romania, running a global data centre network with a presence in 37 major cities worldwide. At national level, the data centres are in Bucharest and reflect the substantial investments made by M247 for the benefit of developing companies.

We asked them to list some of the benefits of data centres that make them so popular with customers.

Optimal security

Even though a company may not have been subject to major hazards, that doesn't mean these will never occur, and prevention remains the best weapon in the fight against risks that can harm a company’s IT infrastructure. Whether dealing with cyber-attacks, natural disasters or security breaches, data is one of the most valuable assets in a company and must be secured by all means. Data storage solutions provide optimal environmental conditions and connectivity.

The figures speak volumes. Storage capacity in M247 data centres has increased five times in the last few years alone, and the portfolio of companies that find these solutions valuable is large, operating in a variety of sectors: banking and insurance, gaming & gambling, software, healthcare, and retail.

Low costs and energy efficiency

Another convenient reason for companies to outsource their data storage services is the considerable cost savings and reduced energy consumption. On-premises servers are high energy consumers, while data centre services reduce and streamline costs and business activities. In the case of the data centres operated by M247, considerable investments have been made to ensure a minimum energy consumption and low environmental impact, with the two data centres in Bucharest falling under the Green Data Centre category. For the future, the company is planning investments to increase the capacity of the data centres and optimise projects with even higher energy consumption.

Integrated solutions

Data centres offer companies access to many integrated, bundled services. The solutions customers opt for vary according to their development strategy. A data centre creates the ideal environment in which to grow, as customers can always extend their storage or access a broader mix of services. These include colocation, dedicated servers, public and private cloud, cybersecurity solutions - Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery, and business continuity, as well as Virtual Managed Firewall.

With these many advantages, an increasing number of companies choose data storage solutions, foreseeing a stable and secure future ahead.

M247 is no exception, as the company is planning the construction of a third data centre with a design for high power/high density cabinets and is thus committed to supporting the growing demand in the market as well as the development of the national business environment.



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