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Innovation summit - Powered by Orange Business Services

In an ever-changing digital landscape, there is something that is constant in any growth strategy and that is INNOVATION. In other words, that special ability to continually reinvent yourself, your product or service, in order to remain relevant and also to be sustainable, businesslike and profitable. From Generative AI, innovative product design, hyper-automation to autonomous vehicles and The Internet of CloThes, at Innovation Summit you can see them all.

When and Where?

📅 At Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest, but also on MyConnector, on June 14.

The big official summit opening is going to be on June 14, in the company of Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization, Octavian Oprea, Vicepresident Authority for Digitalization of Romania, Stelian Bujduveanu, General Deputy Mayor of Bucharest, Tobias Matter, Head of Bosch Engineering Center Cluj, Alexandru Măxineanu, Managing Partner, Universum Expo and Octavian Palade, Content Strategy Manager, Internet Corp which will be our Moderator as well.

With such an amazing opening ceremony, we will just say - Welcome to Innovation Summit at Buchatest Tech Week 2022!

What do we have for you this year?

🟠 10:30 – 11:15 Joerie Nijhuis, Innovation strategist & entrepreneur at Accenture

7 key innovation lessons from the start-up and corporate world

In his talk, Joerie will share his experience as both an entrepreneur and corporate strategy consultant in 7 key lessons that are at the heart of successful innovations. Among the topics will be the relentless pursuit of value creation, how to ensure your product or service truly connects to your customer’s expectations, the do’s and don’ts of creating Minimal Viable Products, and how to better understand your competitive landscape.

🟠 11:45 - 12:30 Henrik Scharfe, Digital Strategy & Innovation at Scharfe Consult

Human, Robot, and the power of Data

Henrik will take a deep dive into appreciating the differences between humans and machines. The consequences are stronger than you might think, and has direct bearings on current tech opportunities. Based on global trends and his personal experience, Henrik draws out important messages about our relationship with technology and the implications for business, society, and readiness for the human-centered approaches of Industry 5.0.

🟠 12:30 – 13:30 Tobias Matter, Head of Bosch Engineering Center Cluj & Vlad Bodea, Co-fondator, Bento & Octavian Palade, Content Strategy Manager, Internet Corp ( Moderator)

Does innovation have boundaries?

🟠14:30 – 15:00 Anna Borbotko, Product Marketing Lead at TomTom

Always ahead. How to stay relevant and build in-demand products

In this session, she will challenge some of the existing habits when doing product discovery. She will also the key actions that will help you always stay up-to-date and maintain your relevance to your customers. Finally, you will get practical tips on how to identify the gap between the value you as a creator think customers will appreciate versus the real reason customers have.

🟠 15:00 – 15:30 Afke Schaart, SVP Global Government Affairs & Chief Global Impact at Huawei

How technology can be made benevolent

Technology means to leave no one behind. Huawei is committed to helping close this digital divide by finding new ways to empower the unempowered. So, everyone can enjoy the same digital rights. Digital transformation can result in long-lasting benefits for economies including drive innovation, fuel high-paying job opportunities and spur economic growth. Different options and practices aimed at maximizing benefits from the digital economy should be considered when it comes to digital policy, as there are no “one size fit all” approach.

🟠16:00 – 16:45 Pierre-Yves Paslier & Rodrigo García González, Cofounders Notpla

How can seaweed tackle single-use plastics?

Made from seaweed and plants, Notpla replaces plastic cups at marathons, drinks at festivals and as well as sachets for a wide range of products, from cosmetics and toiletries to salad dressings and condiments. You'll discover the potential of seaweed to reduce our addiction to single use plastics, and how new formats have created a buzz worth millions on social media, disrupting packaging industry leaders entrenched in their old habits.

🟠 16:45 – 17:15 Gianmarco Brunetti, Head of Transformation and Product Offer at Jaguar Land Rover

The impact of digitalization on future cars

The session will describe how digitalization will impact the future cars and more specifically:

a. How OEMs are leveraging technology to overcome operating challenges

b. How digitalization will improve the future customer’s experience

c. What we will see in future vehicles

Besides these amazing panels, you can also find so many innovative business solutions from our amazing partners. We are so grateful for their support and we want to share their solution with you.

Bento helps you to manage field work in a simple and efficient way? Bento Field Service Management (Bento FSM), their solution, helps companies quickly plan, anticipate, and optimize on-the-ground, field-based services with both web and mobile applications.

We are happy to have Romanian Business Consult by our side because they are the leading provider and integrator of IT solutions for the retail and food industry in Romania.

Orange has also joined our tech manifesto with an amazing list of technologies for digitalised businesses, such as: Contact Center, Unified Collaboration, SD-WAN, Managed WiFi, Digital Signage, Video-surveillance, IoT, Manag ed Cybersecurity, In-store beacons platform for campaign management and analytics.

Cluster Power offers access to scalable and reliable data computing and storage capacity in the strategic region of Central and Eastern Europe. Come and meet your go to sustainable and secure cloud service provider at Innovation Summit 2022!

If we are talking about digitalizing our lifestyle, Bosch is the most relatable brand, with its innovative household products for a smarter home and life. Meet them at Innovation Summit 2022!

With a history of ninety years, Radiocom is still a leader in broadcasting and, at the same time, an important provider of electronic communications networks and services in Romania. It was only natural to join us at Innovation Summit this year!

Our friends from Cognizant Softvision are here to answer to one important question: How is Software defining your business future? From designing & engineering amazing digital software products to transforming business-critical apps, they can really empower your digital culture.

Meet certSIGN who made remote work easier with their products, especially with their electronic signature: Paperless flowSIGN, Paperless webSIGN, clickSIGN, their signing software application, both on TOKEN, electronic signature kit with qualified token certificate, or in CLOUD, with paperless remote electronic signature package with qualified certificate in the cloud.

Least but not last, the good energy is powered by L’OR, responsible with the delicious coffee at Innovation Summit this year.

Wow, it will be pretty amazing for sure and we cannot wait to meet you there!

You can still join us, there are a few more tickets available. Take yours now ➡️



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