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How one networking day with Sodexo & The Happiness Index @ Innovation Summit boosted us for one year

What is workplace happiness? Why is it important in the context of major changes in the labor market - from quiet quitting to the hybrid work model? Why should companies with an innovative mindset take a closer look at employee well-being?

Sodexo answered these questions as a partner at the Innovation Summit during Bucharest Tech Week!

About the happy partnership between Sodexo and The Happiness Index, the tool that measures employee happiness!

Last year, Sodexo entered an exclusive partnership with The Happiness Index - an innovative product supported by neuroscience that measures the real-time level of employee happiness and engagement in a company, allowing management to develop their businesses based on a healthy organizational culture.

Matt Phelan, the co-founder of The Happiness Index, during his speech at the Sodexo Innovation Summit, revealed insights gained from analyzing millions of data points about employee happiness: the foundations and source of innovation, how it helps in building a flourishing workplace culture, and its connection to artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, Matt Phelan's speech was not the only highlight of this event - Sodexo's presence at Bucharest Tech Week was also marked by the two networking areas.

Participants learned about the importance of understanding team members’ emotions in real-time – they were quizzed and matched with a specific type of coffee drink according to their current moods – thus, they understood how important it is for long-time workplace satisfaction to match every mood with the right course of action.

Even more, they had a memorable experience at the “Silent Booth” - where they learned about the importance of structuring insights and assembling them into future strategies to boost workplace happiness.

Sodexo was an Innovation Summit partner, enabling businesspeople and managers alike to experience what a powerful tool can do for their respective teams. They learned how feedback and data from employees can be transformed into strategies that boost happiness, they learned how A.I can process data that humans might miss and moreover, understood the importance of workplace satisfaction.

In an age of so many workplace changes, Sodexo gifted managers with inspiration, motivation and a powerful tool to stay ahead of the competition.

Happy days and looking forward to the next event!



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