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Future Retail Summit - Powered by RBC

The balance of trading has been with us forever. Now it is all about a new economy due to the rapid, almost disruptive, growth of technology. Retail today means innovation & solving at the power of now. Customers are no longer searching for products, they seek experiences. The Retail Summit sets the stage for what retail is bound to become – a dimension of its own in experientiality and social responsibility. From mobile customer experience, frictionless payment to customer retention and sustainability, join us for the present-day strategies in retail!

When and Where?

📅 At Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest, but also on MyConnector, on June 15.

The big official summit opening is going to be on June 14, in the company of Bogdan Gross, Innovation & Consulting Director, RBC and Andra Imbrea Palade, Digital Content Marketing Manager, Progresiv, which will be our Moderator as well.

With such an amazing opening ceremony, we will just say - Welcome to Future Retail Summit at Buchatest Tech Week 2022!

What do we have for you this year?

🟠 09:45 – 10:15 Tomas Petovsky, E-commerce Central & Eastern Europe Meta

Future of Retail is happening now!

Discovering, browsing, and buying continue to re-shape the Retail industry. Boosted with Discovery Commerce, Metaverse or Live Shopping, we have entered a new era of hybrid shopping where consumers see little difference between online and offline channels - it’s all just interconnected commerce.

🟠 10:15 – 10:45 Marco Guastamacchia, Digital Advisor Microsoft

All the roads lead to the Metaverse: an (almost) practical guide to read through its lines and not get lost

What's this buzz all about? The metaverse trend is getting traction in every market and especially in retail & fashion. But what is it really? And how can it be relevant to your business? In this session, Marco will help you interpret the metaverse, from theory to practice, resolving its contradictions and framing its declinations, while keeping it real.

🟠 11:15 – 12:15 Andrei Sârbu, Sales Manager Electronic Signature, certSIGN, Vasile Voicu, Head of Digital Services, Orange Business Services, Marius Vasile, Business Development Director, Samsung, Alexandru Bâlea, Charisma Retail Team Leader, TotalSoft & Andra Imbrea Palade, Digital Content Marketing Manager, Progresiv (Moderator)

Panel: Technology and automation will be crucial to your retail business

🟠13:15 – 13:45 DeAnn Campbell, Chief Strategy Officer Armstrong Alliance Group

The impact of customer experience on retail technology

In this session you will see real time examples of technology that was designed to solve a pain point, but instead triggered bigger challenges, as well as examples of what a well aligned experience can achieve. We will explore new performance indicators to give you better visibility on whether technology is helping or hurting your bottom line, and you will learn strategies to better align the technology experience with the human factor to boost revenue and profit margins.

🟠 13:45 – 14:30 Prof. Dr. Katelijn Quartier, Academic Director Retail Design Lab, UHasselt

Technology is always the answer, but what was the question again?

Technology is there to optimize the retail experience for all stakeholders (personnel, retailer, customer). Technology should make the retail experience personal. Always think of a plan B for when technology malfunctions.

🟠15:00 – 15:45 Pierre-Yves Paslier & Rodrigo García González, Cofounders Notpla

How can seaweed tackle single-use plastics?

Made from seaweed and plants, Notpla replaces plastic cups at marathons, drinks at festivals and as well as sachets for a wide range of products, from cosmetics and toiletries to salad dressings and condiments. You'll discover the potential of seaweed to reduce our addiction to single use plastics, and how new formats have created a buzz worth millions on social media, disrupting packaging industry leaders entrenched in their old habits.

🟠 15:45 – 16:30 Christine Nikolaou, Global Head of Ecommerce Strategy & Performance Diageo

In Love with the Consumer of the Future

Digital Transformation, as any transformation is not easy. But as our lives are heading to an ever more digital direction, we need to look into that future, where we want to win, and reach out to that consumer. Leaving this session, everyone should consider: is everyone in my organization an advocate for digital? Can I make insightful decisions based on data? Do we have a disruptive mindset, not being afraid to fail?

🟠 16:30 – 17:00 Yogith Krishna, UK Import Supply Lead PepsiCo

Supply Chain Management: Importance, Issues and the Future

Organizations are evolving continuously to stay at the top. For organizations to gain a competitive advantage the supply chain functions play an important role. Supply chain leaders will have to develop their supply chain strategy by considering the design of future logistics networks, improving the responsiveness of the supply chain, and working towards supply chain operational excellence.

Besides these captivating panels, you can also find so many innovative business solutions from our partners. We are so grateful for their support and we want to share their solutions with you.

Full Speed Systems has built the first unit suite of cloud applications that companies use in their business - all in one place. Organizations around the world use NetSuite for development and flexibility.

Daktela offers companies the opportunity to interact with customers, using a single application for all communication channels, including services voice, e-mail, SMS, web chat integrated on the site, Facebook Manager, WhatsApp or Teams.

We are happy to have Romanian Business Consult by our side because they are the leading provider and integrator of IT solutions for the retail and food industry in Romania.

Robot Industries brings the latest solutions in the field of industrial robotics and automated lines. Robot Industries in Romania is a distributor of well-known brands such as: OnRobot, Geek +, FrankaEmika, Fanuc, Doosan, Fybot, Neuromeka, ProArc, Blue Elephant, Perfect Laser as well as robotic solutions developed in Romania, RI SERIES.

AZITREND Distribution offers integrated security systems. Their professionals designed the most innovative and efficient surveillance systems, which include both state-of-the-art equipment and integrated software platforms, carefully analyzing the requirements of their clients. In addition, the ease of operation of the proposed integrated systems leads to streamlining the activity and optimizing the security budgets.

Dynamic DOX provides software solutions with a dynamic and professional team of software engineers, an organization based on trust, verticality and determination.

Nexus Media brings their software solutions that are business-friendly, seamlessly integrated with Nexus ERP. The products can work in both Cloud and On Premises (local) and use licenses can be purchased both SaaS (rent) and "for life".

Total Soft will introduce you Charisma Leasing aka the democratization of technology. They offer leasing companies all benefits that come from the efficiency of timing, management and automation processes.

When it comes to choosing the perfect interactive screens for Future Retail Summit, Samsung just answered with exactly what we needed. Thank you for supporting us this year!

Acronis empowers IT teams with cyber protection solutions built for today and tomorrow. The digital world drives constant innovation and data growth that demands easy, efficient and secure cyber protection. Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions protect all data, applications and systems wherever they are.

Orange has also joined our tech manifesto with an amazing list of technologies for digitalised businesses, such as: Contact Center, Unified Collaboration, SD-WAN, Managed WiFi, Digital Signage, Video-surveillance, IoT, Managed Cybersecurity, In-store beacons platform for campaign management and analytics.

Our friends from Cognizant Softvision are here to answer to one important question: How is Software defining your business future? From designing & engineering amazing digital software products to transforming business-critical apps, they can really empower your digital culture.

Least but not last, the good energy is powered by L’OR, responsible with the delicious coffee at Future Retail Summit this year.

Wow, it will be pretty impressive for sure and we cannot wait to meet you there!

You can still join us, there are a few more tickets available. Take yours now ➡️



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