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How was HR Masters Summit 2022?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

First of all, it was LIVE and we had the long-awaited chance to see each other again.

It's been about a month since the biggest tech event in the CEE took place right here, in Bucharest.

We took some well-deserved time to internalize everything we saw, heard, and learned.

Now is the perfect time to share with you some highlights from the HR Masters Summit.

Many thanks to our HR Masters Partner this year – undelucră – for supporting us!

Well, a good day starts with coffee, right? Let’s take a short moment the appreciation of our partner L’or, who was responsible for the good energy around here.

So, how was HR Masters Summit 2022?

First Panel: "HR owning business transformation - from tech solutions to HR analytics"


Costin Tudor, CEO & Founder @

Aurel Meiroșu, Business Development Manager @ certSIGN

Mihai Găvan, Global Strategic Alliances Director @ TotalSoft

Cosmin Pătlăgeanu, CMO @ Yarooms

Corina Anghel, People Lead South-east Europe @ Avon (Moderator)

The four guests from the first panel brought their input on the Romanian market, from tech solutions to HR analytics.


Dragos Gheban from Catalyst, Mihai Marcu from Essensys, Adina Vidroiu from Microsoft, Viorela Marcu, Roxana Angheloiu & Christine Kropf from HR Hub shared with us some spectacular stories THEN vs NOW in HR - in the second panel.

Cosmin Tudor from Undelucram opened our HR Masters Summit, and discussed the future in HR, drawing a parallel between the expectations of talents from the past years and the directions we are all moving toward in terms of needs.

And this is the line-up from HR Masters Summit this year ⤵️

Anita Lettink from HRTechRadar started the day just perfectly, talking about the skills that bring resilience to the Future of Work. Did you think, let’s say a year ago, that your CV could be a video on Tik Tok? Or that bots will just welcome you when you get to the office? Neither of us, but everything happens with unprecedented speed, so you have to keep up.

Thomas Møller Jeppesen from LEGO prepared a study for us on how they digitalize the LEGO Group, with a focus on the mindset and tools. Kids were their role models in developing a way of thinking when it comes to working; this is how they got to the Learning-through-Play strategy based on structure, capability, and community.

Tony Strows from Phillips, gave us a designed framework to accelerate growth and transformation through meaningful collaboration and it was very enlightening and talked about the human-centric culture transformation, and approached it from several perspectives:

  • purpose and meaning

  • future forces

  • time & space

  • media

  • diversity

  • sustainability

  • organizational designs

Next, Gabriele Metz from Ericsson shared with us a case study of Ericsson’s global culture transformation journey, revealing their 4 keys to success:

Leadership -> Methodology -> Multi-pebbled -> Measurable

– each one with its specific steps and processes on culture - drives overall engagement, improves customer experience, and leadership, and drives simplification & balance.

Back to Jo Dodds from Engage for success who showcased the four enablers of employee engagement that we will share with you here: Strategic Narrative about your company, Engaging managers that focus on their people, treating them as individuals and coaching them, Employee voice that will allow your people to have ideas and Organisational Integrity, your values as a company reflected in day to day behaviors.

And we also had that data-oriented speech with David Shontz from Nokia. He explained how using data and advanced analytics can drive employee and business success based on some use cases of applied analytics: workforce planning & management and recruitment & talent management.

But let's not talk too much about ourselves, let them tell you how they feel about the HR Masters Summit experience ⬇️

Before saying goodbye, we want to properly thank all of our partners who trusted us and supported us to make the HR Masters Summit possible.



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