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How to start the digital transformation process of your company with SoftOne’s solutions

In an increasingly dynamic business environment, the digital transformation of your company is essential for its long-term development and success. Fully digitizing your business processes and automating your workflows will allow you to gain the competitive advantages you need to grow your company. From boosting productivity to improving decision-making processes and reducing operational costs, using innovative business software applications like the ones developed by SoftOne will take your business to the next level.

What does digital transformation really mean?

Digital transformation is a strategic process that requires integrating up-to-date digital technologies and business software applications into all your business processes, to optimize operations and successfully meet the increasingly demanding market requirements. Digital Transformation is not only about implementing new applications, but it also requires changing your company’s culture and way of working, thus redefining the way your business operates.

Why must companies start the digital transformation process now?

Digital transformation enables you to improve operational efficiency through automatization, reduce human errors and optimize your business processes. This will help you allocate your resources more efficiently and lower operational costs. Consequently, companies can significantly enhance productivity and provide better services and products to their customers. Digital transformation is essential for ensuring the long-term sustainability of your company’s operations. In a time where customer experience is paramount, organizations must use innovative and personalized applications to meet their needs and expectations.

How do you get ready to start the digital transformation process?

The digital transformation process requires passing through several stages to ensure a successful transition to a fully digitized way of working. Therefore, it is important to create a detailed list of your organization's needs, to identify which processes can be optimized and which are your business objectives. You must carefully evaluate the vendors and the solutions available on the market, by studying their features and integration capabilities. Flexibility and scalability are also crucial attributes to consider. Focus on applications which can adapt to your business needs and can support your company’s growth.

Which are the benefits of digital transformation?

Digital transformation brings significant benefits to organizations. By adopting digital technologies and innovative software solutions, companies can optimize their processes through automation, reducing work time and the effort required to complete tasks. Besides, by using cloud-based applications or mobile solutions, employees can access business data from anywhere, through any device, to work more efficiently.

Reducing operational costs is yet another undeniable benefit of digital transformation. Increased productivity of your employees will lead to lower human resource expenses, while using cutting-edge software solutions will minimize the production costs associated with the products or services your company has to offer.

Finally, digital transformation helps you improve customer experience, strengthen relationships, and build customer loyalty. Thus, you will be able to meet their needs and preferences more easily, consolidate your position in the market and attract new customers.

How to start the digital transformation process with SoftOne’s solutions

The innovative software solutions developed by SoftOne will help you start the digital transformation process of your company with small, simple steps. The applications will allow you optimize your business processes, transform data into valuable insights and improve collaboration across all departments.

Where do you start? By implementing the Soft1 Cloud ERP, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution, which should play a central role in your digital transformation strategy. Through our customizable solution, you can perform all your business operations in one application, from financial management, marketing and sales, to production or inventory management. Furthermore, being developed on Cloud, Soft1 Cloud ERP has the lowest acquisition costs, and is available through an annual subscription.

Alternatively, if you want to start digitizing only your sales, marketing, and customer relations processes, choose Soft1 Cloud CRM! Featuring real-time functionality, our Cloud solution enables your people to connect and strengthen existing relationships as well as create new sales opportunities from anywhere, using any mobile device. It helps your business reduce its operational costs while your salespeople sell more, your managers know more and your customers enjoy amazing services.

Do you also need to work on the go? Opt for SoftOne's enterprise mobility solutions!

Soft1 360 is an out-of-the-box mobile solution that revolutionizes the way your executives and teams work, connect and engage with your customers, suppliers, and business partners.

Soft1 360 enhances the flexibility of use and the availability of critical business information from anywhere. It is an innovative application that extends Soft1 ERP’s "reach", helping your people seamlessly utilize its functionality whenever they need it, even when away from the office!

Regate SFA provides sales representatives access to business data remotely, enabling them to work efficiently in the field and respond quickly to customers’ requests. They will be able to record the number of sales, check key performance indicators, and add additional statistics through an intuitive application, directly from the field!

If you want to maximize the value of your business data, choose our BI Data Lake solution! It will help you collect, store, and analyze information from multiple sources, create customized reports and accurate forecasts to turn your data into business value and take better business decisions.

In conclusion, choosing the right software solutions is an essential step for your digital transformation process. Our applications help you optimize your processes, improve customer relationships, and make informed decisions, so you can grow your business, regardless of your organizations needs. Discover all of our applications at!



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