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Entrepreneurship in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The future is now. Just as the Future of Work report shows, from leaders to employees, everyone wants better technology.

And it is coming.

In today's world, a new culture has arisen, due to the new industrial revolution. The culture of technology is present in everything we do or communicate with. Data is the most valuable resource for all types and sizes of enterprises. As a result of the 2020 pandemic but not only, the use of AI in various businesses has increased. By 2023, according to IDC, investment in solely AI technology will increase to $97.9 billion.

Future technology will encompass speed and scalability. Will automate new processes, reorient business architecture and help companies achieve goals faster and better. The crisis exposed the IT gaps more than expected and organizations are willing to invest heavily in digital transformation.

This is a good premise for a big change in the entrepreneurial field.

So how’s entrepreneurship in technology?

It is flourishing. New types of technology driven solutions, be them low code or not are emerging, offering solutions to companies, which are not only disrupting but leading transformation. We therefore can witness companies investing in robotic process automation, machine learning, deep learning and business process management softwares that open up new opportunities for new ventures.

Future of work report shows that these technologies could save up to 4 hours per week for employees, time that could be used for learning new things, new technologies or engaging in creative activities. That sounds extremely promising, doesn’t it?

Technological entrepreneurship even in Romania has witnessed development of companies like UiPath or FintechOS, which have built giants, but also smaller businesses just as interesting, like for example Lumen, who created glasses for the blind, using AI technology.

How do we support entrepreneurship?

EA -The Entrepreneurship Academy has created a support and learning system of the entrepreneurs of all levels - highschools (Edison Clubs), university and post-graduates (Spark’n’Switch).

We offer not only learning processes that are innovative and support the entrepreneurial process, but also an environment where cross-functional teams can be created. Entrepreneurship in technology requires synergies of teams (IT and non) that can understand business, understand technology and work together in order to create value for our society.

This is why we are here. To find tech savvies who want to learn entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial people who are looking for partners with more knowledge in technology.

We want to help build interdependent professionals who can solve big problems. Cause the geeks will save the world. Join the event!



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