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Atomatik: Making automation simple

Automation has become a pillar of digital transformation across industries, radically changing the quantity and quality of peoples’work. Adoption rates have been constantly growing, with a predicted $3,352 billion market forecast by the end of 2023.

Atomatik is part of a new generation of automation providers. Our approach to automation is one of true democratization, where the normal business user can harness the potential of digital workers without the intervention of a buffering tech specialist.

What industries do we serve?

Atomatik is a highly versatile, industry-agnostic platform. Any function that uses rule-based processes can leverage our automation platform to achieve its goals. Digital workers can be frequently found in a wide range of hybrid teams, working in key supporting functions like finance, human resources, procurement, or legal. But they are also pivotal in core functions where manual, repetitive tasks that are slow and prone to human error are part of the normal day.

What is using Atomatik like from a user’s perspective?

Our approach to automation is one of fostering the user’s autonomy. Atomatik users can make full use of our platform’s features and capabilities without needing to have a technical background or programming skills. We’ve made the user interface friendly and intuitive, based on familiar drag & drop actions so that processes and workflows can be created and delegated to digital workers without the intervention of a tech specialist.

What are some common business benefits?

Atomatik can cater to a wide range of business goals. Some companies are looking to improve efficiency in their processes, something hard to achieve with cumbersome manual tasks and workflows. Others want to get more work done in less time, and with digital workers, a workflow that would normally take 4 hours to complete manually can be done in a fraction of the time or less.

There are also organizations that want to benefit from the full potential of their employees by helping them delegate the low-end repetitive tasks to digital workers and allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks.

Certain industries, like finance for example, have little to no tolerance for error, which tends to be difficult to avoid with high volumes. Atomatik digital workers can reduce or eliminate error rates completely, reducing the overall risks for organizations.

These are just some examples of use cases, but Atomatik’s versatility means it can be successfully usedin a multitude of business scenarios with impressive business outcomes.

What about integration?

That’s easy. Atomatik is easily integrated with all standard business suites and applications, as well as industry-specific solutions. Our task library includes tasks specifically created for any commonly used business app and more.

The platform can also be paired with custom-made solutions. Let’s say a manufacturing company collects large volumes of sensor readings which it then inputs into an in-house data analysis system. Atomatik can seamlessly integrate with this custom-made solution, enabling the manufacturing company to automate the data processing, analysis, and visualization tasks. By combining the power of the platform with its in-house system, the company can unlock valuable insights, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions with greater speed and accuracy.

Is it cloud-based or on-prem?

It can be both, entirely up to each customer’s needs. There’s no one size fits all, and that’s why we believe in giving our customers full control over how they want to use Atomatik.

How can users become proficient with Atomatik?

Our experts will assist you with go-live and handover support as well as user training sessions to bring your hybrid workforce to full potential in no time.

We also have an extensive library of how-to videos that are constantly growing for self-taught users. From basic operations to fine-tuning under the hood for tech-savvy users, we’ve got you covered.

About Atomatik

Atomatik came to life in 2020, as a product of our parent company RightClick Solutions. RightClick Solutions has been delivering test automation to global top-tier financial institutions since 2014. As the need for intelligent automation kept reappearing in client projects, Atomatik’s creation came as a natural step.

Right from the start, we aspired to be more than just another intelligent automation provider. Our aim was to leverage decades of combined automation expertise, software development, and technical & consulting experience to help our customers achieve and exceed their goals using powerful automation solutions. We didn’t set ourselves to reinvent the proverbial wheel, but we do believe in the right mix between best practices and innovation. We strongly believe that automation is going to reshape the way people work and the global workforce completely and that it is simply a matter of time before it becomes widely adopted by organizations of all sizes.



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