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The story of Joberty

A small team consisting of three software developers, one product manager, and one QA was created Joberty in June 2019. They will share their story with us and tell us more about how they came up with the idea of Joberty. Nikola Mijailović, CEO, and Co-founder, and the idea initiator of the Joberty platform, explained how it all started.

As someone who had worked in the HR industry for a long time, I had noticed the problem of HR closing tech positions and recognized the need for developers to have more information about potential employers. I saw an opportunity in the trend where companies began to compete for candidates, which was first noticed in the IT industry.

A dev team built the MVP product, following his guidelines, in less than six months. During the product development process, the team was guided by certain hypotheses, which we confirmed with our product in Serbia. We assumed that users have a need for information on what it's like to work in an IT company, and it's information that only someone who works or has worked in that company can provide. We started with three types of impressions in Serbia: a general comment about the company, information on salary and benefits, and the interview process.

After the successful launch in Serbia, we decided to expand to Croatia in September 2021. We believed that the product would be successful there too, as the market was similar to Serbia's. However, we launched a product with seven types of impressions, trying to confirm the hypothesis that developers want more information about a company, such as its culture, team, projects, technologies used, and opportunities for personal development through work. The hypothesis was validated in Croatia, but users didn't like the idea of seven types of impressions.

In 2022, we launched a new version of the product with five types of impressions, including a new type of impression called purpose, or the need for meaning in what they do. Now, Joberty is present on 6 markets: Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Slovenia.

At Joberty, we are dedicated to providing valuable information to developers so that they can make informed decisions about their careers. Our platform helps bridge the gap between developers and IT companies by providing insights that only employees or former employees can give. We are committed to constantly improving and expanding our platform to serve the needs of developers and IT companies in all markets. Our mission is to help developers make better career decisions and find jobs in the IT sector in the largest number of markets possible.



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