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Here’s to Innovation Summit 2023 and the best moments of it

More than a month has passed since Bucharest Tech Week, and we are still in festival fever. This is what happens when you love what you do way too much. Bucharest Tech Week is our source of dopamine, for the entire team behind this event.

Because things have settled down, it's time to remember the most important moments and leave them here for posterity. Take your coffee and join us for a virtual journey through Innovation Summit 2023.

Many thanks to our Innovation Summit Partner this year – Google – for supporting us!

Being the summit that opened our tech week, we had exceptional and important people with us, so we again thank them for their presence.

The Official Opening was a message from The Prime Minister of Romania, Mr. Nicolae Ciucă, delivered by Mr. Sorin Costreie, State Adviser to the Prime Minister and sustained by Stelian Bujduveanu, The Deputy Mayor of Bucharest Municipality, Dragoș Tohănean Vice Presidentat Autoritatea Pentru Digitalizarea României, Florin Popa, Business to Business Director at Orange Business, Tobias Matter Head of Bosch Engineering Center Cluj, Lavinia Neagoe, Director of Engineering & Bucharest Technology Site Lead at Google, and of course Alexandru Măxineanu, Managing Partner at Universum Events.

Coffee checked, good mood checked.

Now let’s get to the stage and recap some of the key topics our international and local speakers addressed.

The first to break the ice was Dr-Ing. Frank Möbius from BMW Group, with his presentation that explained the outside-in formats of Open Innovation at BMW Group, faces the mobility business's current challenges. He focused on technology foresight and technology scouting. Based on practical examples, he showed how to identify, assess and transfer new innovative technology trends from cross-industry into the automotive business of BMW.

We also had Rahaf Harfoush, Head of People Experience Europe at Red Thread, explaining the Polycrisis Era on the stage. To sum up - The World Economic Forum recently declared that we are entering a decade of increased disruption, volatility, and uncertainty.

Change is happening faster than ever, and leaders must have the tools and strategies needed to cope in this rapidly evolving landscape. Her powerful and thought-provoking keynote showed us how to stay ahead of the curve and turn disruption into opportunity, how to build a culture of resilience and agility, the importance of cultivating an evolutionary mindset, and how to use digital tools to create a diverse network of perspectives.

The day continued with the same sound energy, with Enzo Romero from LAT Bionics on stage. His talk addressed the generation of highly functional and affordable upper limb prostheses and Enzo's motivation to generate a first prosthesis, and how, because of the problem, he went from research to business development. Enzo invited us to rethink the role of developing countries in generating their own technology, considering local needs and the reality of their users with upper limb amputation.

In one of the most awaited masterclasses of the week, Dr. Mark Batey shared simple, but powerful tools and techniques for developing winning new products and services. Everything from tools for understanding customers and users, to techniques for generating different product ideas, through to approaches for testing, developing and introducing new products to markets.

On top of all these tools and techniques, Dr. Batey took us through a quick journey of the science behind creative problem solving and design thinking. He also facilitated a super-fast session throughout the day with a focus on powerful techniques that will help us and our teams to generate better ideas.

In the end, we want to thank you for being with us at Innovation Summit 2023!



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