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Founder and CEO

Avinash Changa

Avinash Changa is VR-maker, director, much-requested international speaker on the topic of Immersive works. He is a true VR - evangelist, and founder of award-winning studio WeMakeVR: an Immersive production company with notable works such as ‘Ashes to Ashes’, ‘Meeting Rembrandt’, ’Angels of Amsterdam’, and most recently O|A|E.


Currently he is working on the next generation of immersive experiences, including live social VR performances, a hybrid theater/VR performance, educational works, and hyper-realistic volumetrics.


He often speaks about the role of Immersive Technologies in our society and the industry’s collective responsibility in shaping the future of the Metaverse.


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VFX Producer

Dimitar Kralev

fabricant 200x100-01.png

Dimitar is responsible for the metaverse operations at The Fabricant. This includes AR try-on apps, 3D assets pipeline optimization and organizing catwalks in Decentraland. Before that, as a producer, he led projects for the likes of Timberland, Adidas and the Australian Fashion Week.


His background is in the VFX and advertisement industry, having worked as a senior 3D artist for Postpanic and MediaMonks among others.


Dimitar has 2 daughters, a fish and digital land on the Cardano blockchain.


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Lorenzo Cappannari

CEO and Author


Nerd since the age of 8, classical studies, and degree with honors in business administration.


After an experience in the management of multinational companies, including a long period in the eyewear world leader Luxottica, at the end of 2015 he co-founded AnotheReality, a virtual worlds company focused on metaverse technologies design and development.


He is a TEDx speaker, author of Possible Futures (edited in Italy by Giunti), and teacher at Istituto Marangoni and SDA Bocconi.


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Christopher Travers

CCO and Co-Founder


​​Christopher Travers, Co-Founder of Offbeat Media Group, is a leading expert on pseudonymity, having founded and built alongside thousands of hours researching, documenting, and building in the virtual identity space. He comes from a diverse, extensive background designing, building, and growing social media platforms all centering on the value proposition of pseudonymity in a digital age.


Christopher spends his free time researching novel, emerging problems and ideating on ways to solve them at scale.


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Emma Ridderstad

Co-founder and CEO


Emma Ridderstad is Co-Founder and CEO of Warpin, the Swedish virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) company that helps clients such as H&M, Disney and Ferrari train their staff, market their products and bring their business into the metaverse.

Emma feels strongly about helping other women succeed in the tech space. She invests time and effort into mentoring other female tech entrepreneurs and is a staunch advocate for female representation among the architects of the metaverse. Women being involved in the shaping of this space, she argues, is the only way that we can avoid bringing our old-world problems into our new virtual society.


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Massimo Buonomo

Former UN Global Expert in Blockchain and Metaverse

Massimo is a highly regarded professional in the blockchain, Defi and NFT field. Massimo solves business problems using a lateral thinking approach. Massimo current focus is on Defi, NFT, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Artificial Intelligence. Massimo was a UN Global Expert for the last 10 years in the area of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Defi, NFTs, CBDCs, Artificial Intelligence. Massimo acts as a board advisor and consultant for international organizations, central banks and corporates on Defi, NFTs, CBDCs, cryptocurrencies, AI and alternative data.


After working in international financial markets for 20 years as Senior equity banking analyst, Massimo worked as a university professor of fintech and international finance in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Turin Italy and Wuhan China. Massimo is a regular keynote speaker in many international conferences and webinars on NFTs, Defi, CBDCs, Blockchain AI, etc.


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Francesco Vincenti

Business Development & Partnerships


Business Development & Partnerships at Somnium Space and cofounder of Sewer Nation. Building the future of social media and Education.


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Adrian Floarea



Mr. Adrian Floarea, PhD, graduated Mathematics and holding a PhD in cryptographic algorithms is a strong supporter of the R&D activity in the IT Identity and Security Field, with applied and innovative approaches of the projects he involves in.


He is the CEO of certSIGN and he will back up the project team, providing advices based on his extensive experience. With more than 18 years of technical experience in this industry field and over 10 years of management experience, Mr. Floarea has an innovative vision and a comprehensive approach regarding the means of strengthening the company's activities, but also regarding the new development directions imposed by the evolution of the market and the new technological challenges. Over the years, Mr. Floarea was involved in: research and development projects, certSIGN’s products development strategy, over 15 projects implemented for major industry players.


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Cosmin Georgescu



Proficient professional with more than 20 years of experience in energy infrastructure and complex technological projects, as a direct lead. Select achievements include: Design and permitting of the first wind farms for Electrica (52 MW), EPC for - Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant - Data centers for Microsoft, Bosch, Radet Constanta (partnership with Siemens), and Fan Courier - The first cogeneration plant in Bucharest (2MW), Brasov (1 MW), Vatra Dornei (3 MW) - The first photovoltaic park in Romania (1MW).


Mr. Georgescu holds certifications in project management, software development, security systems, network design, is a Cisco Professional and and EMBA graduate.


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Vladimir Ester



Vladimir Ester has worked in IT infrastructure and services for over 15 years, gaining a vast of amount of experience in this time. Select achievements include: design and deployment of Data Center for Defense, Design and deployment of Data Center for a US-based Fortune 100 insurance company, Migration to the cloud for 13 government institutions in Abu Dhabi, infrastructure design and maintenance for the worldwide premier owner and operator of shopping centers.


As a key member of the Cluster Power team, Mr. Ester is taking the lead in the development and engineering design of the company’s services and assessment of new markets, all while maintaining a customer-centric mindset by keeping the cost and speed of the client go-to-market in balance.


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Irina Obushtarova

Co-founder & CEO

The_Recursive alb.png

Irina Obushtarova is the CEO and co-founder of the innovation media The Recursive. She spent over 10 years in Austria, graduating from the University of Vienna with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Irina began her professional career in media at the popular Viennese transcultural magazine Biber. Later on, she joined the sales team of Kobza Media, formerly one of the largest groups of media & communication agencies in Austria.


In the course of her work, she observed the migration trends in Europe resulting in a massive brain drain in Bulgaria and Romania and decided to switch directions. During the same period, Irina developed her passion for the startup world and new disruptive business models. As an aspiring leader, Irina is currently responsible for the long-term vision of The Recursive as a sustainably growing media for the innovation ecosystems and emerging new economy in Southeast Europe.


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